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Hey guys.  I said I'd do this a while ago and I'm just now doing it.  Ranking from least favorite to favorite.  Let's go.


Don't get me wrong.  I kinda enjoyed the Prologue.  I is a good way to introduce both game play mechanics and the story that it's telling.  That said, it's the tutorial.  It's not meant to be played for "going for the high rounds" (though the fact that you can is fucking great).  The Prologue does what it's meant to do just fine, but it's not really a map to play over and over.

The Darkest Shore

Remember the fog and Denizens in Green Run/Tranzit?  Well, it's back.  Only worse.  The fog is even thicker than Green Run, and instead of Denizens, you got a zombie type that can down you in 2(?) hits.  Kind of a small map with too many choke points that can trap you.

Groesten Haus

Literally just the Prologue but a survival map.  Not a bad thing though.  It was kind of a breath of fresh air to have a map that DOESN'T involve a mandatory Easter egg.  That said there are other maps in WWII that are simple survival maps that are better.

The Frozen Dawn

Honestly, I can't remember enough about this map to tell you about it.  It was just kind of there to me.

The Shadowed Throne

Also kind of just there to me.  I do remember it being much more visually pleasing that The Frozen Dawn.  I felt like I was playing Gorod Krovi in WWII.  That said, Gorod Krovi was also just there to me in BO3.

The Tortured Path

This was more of a mode than a map.  It had three mini maps in one play through.  You play one map for eleven rounds and then move onto the next one.  An interesting concept, in my opinion.

U.S.S. Mount Olympus

This was the second mini map that was in The Tortured Path as a stand alone survival map.  In terms of survival maps, it's the second worst one out of the survival maps in this game.  It's a little too cramped for me.  And every now and then the ship will sway to one side, thus shifting cargo around and making some pathways blocked off.  That said, it's certainly better than most the maps on here.

Altar of Blood

This was the third map in The Tortured Path.  While it was sort of cramped it wasn't as bad as U.S.S. Mount Olympus.  The map was also one big circle with the mystery box in the center.  Therefore making training a breeze.

Bodega Cervantes

This is the first map in The Tortured Path.  This is the gold standard for simple survival maps with no EE to solve.  Lots of room to work, Pack-a-Punch, and a mystery box.  What more could you ask for?

The Final Reich

A simple map with a simple EE.  Another default map that's arguably the best in the game.  The map actually walks you through the EE.  It's set in a small mining town where zombies have broken out.  I have a soft spot for small town maps (when done correctly).