Shayla Cohen
Vital statistics
Age 19
Gender Female
Creator Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/23/11
First Appearance Lockdown
Status Alive
Shayla Cohen is one of the three primary protagonists of Magma-Man's Lies storyline. She used to be a security gaurd for Keats' Firearms.


Before the zombie outbreak she was hired by Richard Keats as a security gaurd at Keats' Firearms after displaying incredible fighting skills. Other employees ocasionally tried to flirt with her, which they soon regretted. After the zombie outbreak, she joined Keats and Michael Navarro, a fellow employee, in a car to try and get a way from the oncoming hord of zombies. They ended up crashing through the walls of an unknown building, which then activated security lockdown, trapping them inside and letting others come inside, namely, zombies.



She, like Michael, wears her Keats' Firearms jumpsuit in Lockdown, which is colored red with silver secondary.


In Usopire, she's wearing the same outfit but it is ripped up and has parts of it torn off.


Shayla Cohen is Keats's best security gaurd. She is an expert with guns and is quite capable of defending herself against most threats, including anyone who tries to flirt with her. She is very serious and also is quite energetic.

In other words, she is a sexy bad-ass.



  • She is the first female Nazi Zombies character.
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