Radioative Zombies are a

A Radioactive Zombie crawling and reaching out.

n enemy in the non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline Apocalypse III: Divided Destiny, but only in the missions "Divided Destiny" and "Downfall".


Origins and Creator

Radioactive Zombies were created after the three nuclear missiles exploded above the infected part of the Ark of Eden. The fallout and radiation particles from the nuclear missiles bonded with Element 115 and Element X, creating Radioactive Zombies.

Appearance and Structure

Unlike Tyrants, Mutants, and Ghouls (which did not survive for long due to the radiation poisoning), Radioactive Zombies retained there basic shape and structure, the only difference being that they are burnt and charred and their clothing has been vaporized. Some also have visible bones protruding from them.

Behaviour and Speeds

Radioactive Zombies' behaviour and speed is exactly the same as regular zombies. However, unlike regular zombies that just die and fall down when shot enough, Radioactive Zombies will explode when shot until they die. This explosion will emit radiation, which will harm the player if they touch it.

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