Vital statistics
Age classified
Gender Male
Creator Treyarch
Creation Date 2007
First Appearance Shi No Numa (canonically)
Status unknown, most likely deceased

Peter is an upcoming character in a custom Nazi Zombies map soon to be released. Peter is also a canonical character in Call of Duty: World at War.


Codename "Peter" is a Central Intelligence Agency spy that was sent to infiltrate Group 935, a Nazi scientific research group headed by Doctor Ludwig Maxis. While at Der Riese, he was to report information about discoveries back to the Pentagon. However, his cover was blown, and he was sent to Zombie Verruckt, one of Group 935's testing grounds inhabited by zombies.

Zombie Verruckt

While at Verruckt, Peter went insane due to the constant contact with zombies and no contact with humans. Eventually he completely lost it, and started writing sayings and coordinates on the walls. These coordinates led to Area 51, which was what Maxis mentioned in his radio message to the Reichstag High Command. Eventually, the amount of zombies overwhelmed Peter, and he was mauled.

Weeks later, concerned for his safety and identity, the CIA sent a Marine recon unit to recover him. When the Marines arrived they were immediately attacked by zombies. They managed to hold out for several hours, but, just like Peter, they were overwhelmed and mauled. The Marines were never heard from again.

In an attempt to keep the situation under control and keep panic minor, the CIA said the Marines were captured by Nazi soldiers on their journey to Verruckt and taken to a secret facility (Der Riese) for testing. The names of the Marines are classified, and Peter's whereabouts remain unknown, as his death was never confirmed.