Michael Navarro
Vital statistics
Age 19
Gender Male
Creator Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/23/11
First Appearance Lockdown
Status Alive
Michael Navarro is one of the three main protagonists of Magma-Man's storyline, Lies.


Michael Navarro was a field tester for Keats' Firearms, where he tested the weapons before they were released. When the zombie outbreak occured, he, Keats, another person working for Keats' Firearms, and another person whom he did not no, ended up trapped in a building, which then went under security lockdown to trap the four of them.


In Lockdown he, like Shayla, is wearing his uniform for Keats' Firearms, which is a blue jumpsuit with silver secondary.


Michael Navarro is intelligent, energetic, and very good with a gun. He is a kind person but can be aggressive if nessasary.


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