Lies is a storyline made by Magma-Man told throughout his fanon zombie maps. It, like the maps, is still under construction. It is not part of the canon storyline, it is a completly different storyline that borrows elements from the original, like the Zombies, Hellhounds, and gameplay in the maps.

It features weapons from WWII, the Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Futuristic Weapons of Magma-Man's design. However, starting Pmaws and up, Modern Warfare weapons will be featured much more prominantly then WWII and Cold War weapons.


Primary Protagonists

Secondary Protagonists

Zombie Types



The Story So Far


A zombie outbreak has hit San Kan City. Three survivors, Richard Keats, Michael Navarro, and Shayla Cohen, all fellow workers at Keats' Firearms, the best firearms manufacturing company in the world, drive away from the zombie hord in a car. Along the way, they pick up Christopher Nooring. They crash into an unknown building, and their car punches straight through the wall. The car destroyed, they get out. Before they can get out of the building, it's security system detects the intruders, and activates security lockdown, trapping them inside and allowing security to get in. Problem is, security isn't coming for them. What is coming for them, is the zombies.


Well, they continue to fight the zombies, but they never stop. Eventually a zombie makes a large hole in the wall, through which the four are able to get through before the security systems put up another One-Way Shield over it. They get back into another car, and drive off, but Chris doesn't make it to the car and torn apart by the carnivorous zombies. They drive off, not knowing exactly where to go. Eventually they make out of the city, and get to a house alone in the mountains. The car runs out of fuel, so they emediatly try to take refuge in the house as the zombie horde aproaches, eventually the owner of the house, Daniel Orien answers the door and then sees the zombies coming. He emediatly lets the three Keats' Firearms employees in, and the four then procede to defend his house against the zombie horde.


Spin-Off Maps

Maps that are not connected the main protagonists adventures and take place in the same timeline.

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