The LEH-1, or Lead Energy Hybrid Mark I, is the most iconic and succesful rifle created by Keats' Firearms, created in the year 2037.


Once Keats' Firearms started to create energy weapons, they realized how while energy weapons were superior to lead based weapons, sometimes a lead based weapon would be more apropriate for certain situations. So they created this rifle so they could have a weapon that could switch between firing lead or energy pulses.


It is a bolt-action rifle, with a sleek design painted a silvery color. It can switch between firing energy pulses, which run off of a battery, or bullets. While the energy pulses are more powerful, the small battery is only capable of producing 50 shots, and cannot be recharged. Bullets can be reloaded however. It fires a .308 caliber round. It's energy weapon is a one-hit kill on zombies till round 8, it's lead mode is a one hit kill till round 4. It is usually 650 points off of the wall.