The KS-23 is a shotgun which appears in some fanon maps. It also appears in Ascension through console commands.



Like other shotguns, the KS-23 boosts higher damage. It is a one-hit kill until round 22. It can only be obtained in the Mystery Box.


When upgraded it becomes the "The Obliterator" obtaning Dragon's Breath ammunition and also obtaning a larger magazine and increased ammo capacity.

Brutal Warfare: After Effect

In Camalex97's Brutal Warfare: After Effect, This has a 8 shell slot, a slow rate of fire, and about 150 pellets (random number around that) come out of each shell but have a large spread so close combat is better with this shotgun and also more reliable that the other shotguns. When Pack-A-Punched it becomes the "REAPER" gaining 25 rounds total, 50 more spare ammo, incendiary rounds, five shell reload, and a auto feature which can be selected by double tapping Y in Xbox and the square button on PS3.

Time Travel Will Tell/Dawn of a new Dusk

The KS-23 replaces the Olympia as the 'wall shotgun' from L'Étranger onwards. It has moderate damage, which is roughly 50% of that of the Trench Gun. When Pack-A-Punched it becomes the Kill Shotinator, reloading all shells at once, becomes semi-automatic and gains Dragon's breath shots. It has appeared in the following maps:

  • L'Étranger
  • Wald des Todes
  • Den Endkampf
  • Sacrificial Night
  • Concurrent Demise (Rounds 1-10, 21-30 etc.)
  • Looprevil
  • L.U.N.A.R
  • Lament of the Dead
  • Shinin no meiyo (switches with the Sawed Off Double Barreled every round)


The KS-23 will appear in an upcoming project of 900bv's.

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Casted Shadows

The KS-23 is scheduled to appear in the Casted Shadows storyline.
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