“You're gonna kill those Zombies everyday, gonna take your gun and blast 'em away. You unload all the lead in your clip, and those Zombies got quite a big hit. But now your clip is completely empty, and you may just get smacked by a big Zombie. So shock those Zombies just for me, by drinkin' that Electric Cherry! (Cherry, cherry) Tasty burst of flavor! (Cherry, cherry) Your new clip will be your saviour! (Cherry, cherry) Take a sip and reload your gun! (Cherry, cherry) and your gonna have some mighty fun! Electric! Cherry! Drink down that shocking Cherry! Oh yeah!”
―Electric Cherry jingle

Electric Cherry logo.

Electric Cherry is a Perk that appears in Mob Of The Dead, Origins (Wunderfizz), and in the upcoming "Searching For The Truth" storyline.


When reloading, a surge of lighting appears around the Player, damaging Zombies. The lighting will kill Zombies, but later in the game, it does little damage to them.

In Mob Of The Dead and Origins, Electric Cherry has no jingle. The one featured is a custom jingle.

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