Doctor Perk is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola. Doctor Perk costs 5000 points, making it the most expensive Perk in Nazi Zombies. When bought, this Perk allows the player to keep all other Perks upon being downed, however, the player will lose Doctor Perk. Like Quick Revive in solo mode, Doctor Perk can also only be purchased three times during a game. For the most part, this Perk is very useful on high rounds due to the hordes of zombies swarming the player.


  • Doctor Perk is the second Perk to include a reference to doctors. The first reference is PhD Flopper.
  • It is wise to buy this Perk-a-Cola after Juggernog, Speed Cola, PhD Flopper, and Stamin-Up.
  • If there is a Perk stealing enemy, the enemy will NOT steal Doctor Perk.