Christopher Nooring
Vital statistics
Age 22
Gender Male
Creator Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/24/11
First Appearance Lockdown
Status Dead
Christopher Nooring is a secondary protagonist in Magma-Man's Lies storyline, and was killed by zombies during the events after Lockdown and before Usopire, and returns in Usopire zombified as a boss.


Not much is know about Christopher's life before the zombie outbreak.


In Lockdown he was a blue t-shirt and normal blue pants. He has pale-white skin, green eyes, and brown hair that is cut short. He also has a watch, which no longer works.


Christopher is quite eager to kill, as expressed by his quotes when fighting zombies. He doesn't show much respect for the others and loves things that blow up.


  • Christopher's watch is stopped on the time 1:15 AM


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