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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 3 September

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a retrospective

Yeah, I know we're not out of the main year of support for this game, but we're getting close-ish. Just thought I'd take a look back at the game over the past almost year. With that said, here we go.

  • 1 Campaign
  • 2 Multiplayer
  • 3 Warzone
  • 4 Zombies
  • 5 Conclusion

The campaign was a solid story, in my opinion, despite the troubled production behind the scenes. I liked multiple endings, I liked the twist with Bell, as well as the cast of characters. Returning characters like Mason, Woods, and Hudson are nice, but the new characters like Adler, Park, Sims, and Lazar were good. My favorite mission in the campaign has now become one of my favorite missions in the franchise, that being Desperate Measures. Not a bad first go from Raven Software. My only gr…

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B!gF3rg B!gF3rg 11 August


Hey, It's PJ, I'm just going to write this down in hope people will understand.

I know I just created a account not too long ago and I'm already leaving. Life sucks to say the least. Or more specifically, I lost interested in Call of Duty: Zombies (and gaming in general) due to the community from all sides (gaming, YouTube, and the modding community) being not so great and I didn't want to be part of it. And the fact I may not go back to college this semester due to not paying my debt earlier. I only created this account to get my ideas out there and not be permanently stuck in my head for an eternally. If you look in my Undamned Credits page, you'll see who I've planned to be a part of this story, from assets, mods/scripts and even voice …

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B!gF3rg B!gF3rg 19 July


Hello again, the categories seem to be broken atm, I can't add anything to them. I don't know if anyone is reading this, but if you are, why can't I add any articles to the categories?

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B!gF3rg B!gF3rg 7 July

Asking a question

Hey, just asking people who have been here for a while, why isn't that I can't change the titles to articles, or at least ones that I created? Just wondering.

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B!gF3rg B!gF3rg 5 July

Help... again

Well, first off, I manage to figured out how to put an image into the infobox. Now, I can't figure out how to add images to the table for perks, weapons, and power ups. Please help if you can.

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B!gF3rg B!gF3rg 27 June

Add image into infobox

Hello, this is my first blog post here.

For the veterans on this site, can someone please tell me how I can put a image into the infobox? I'm new around here and i'm sorry if the answer was simple.

Please and thank you.

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Magma-Man Magma-Man 10 January

Abandoned '83 Event Trailer

“We were chasing a lead on Russell Adler, or at least, we were supposed to. It led us to an abandoned foundry. That’s where Stitch pulled the damn plug. Turns out, Perseus had no use for me anymore, and just like that, my brother and I were buried under a mountain of rubble.” Stitch and several other Perseus operators surround Charlotte and Charlie, pointing their guns at them. Stitch pulls a trigger that causes the ceiling to buckle and begin to collapse on top of the two.

“I was supposed to die. Discarded, forgotten, abandoned. My brother, didn’t make it… But I defied fate. Somehow I got out. I survived.” Charlotte’s hand grasps out of the rubble and a gasp is heard.

“Months passed, I took what I could and made a shelter inside the shell of…

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SuperZman343 SuperZman343 4 November 2020

I need help...

Hello. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog post, I really need help.

I need help coming up with Pack-a-Punch names for the following weapons.

MP-443 Grach, AT4, AA-12, M4A1, ACR, OTs-14 Groza-1 SMC, M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle, MK14(no Mnesia), MAC-11, Vector, PP19 Bizon, MP7, Colt 9mm SMG, MP5(no MP115 Kollider), P90, MK 46, DP-28, AS50

Your help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 9 May 2020

My Ranking of the WWII Zombie maps

Hey guys.  I said I'd do this a while ago and I'm just now doing it.  Ranking from least favorite to favorite.  Let's go.

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 The Darkest Shore
  • 3 Groesten Haus
  • 4 The Frozen Dawn
  • 5 The Shadowed Throne
  • 6 The Tortured Path
  • 7 U.S.S. Mount Olympus
  • 8 Altar of Blood
  • 9 Bodega Cervantes
  • 10 The Final Reich

Don't get me wrong.  I kinda enjoyed the Prologue.  I is a good way to introduce both game play mechanics and the story that it's telling.  That said, it's the tutorial.  It's not meant to be played for "going for the high rounds" (though the fact that you can is fucking great).  The Prologue does what it's meant to do just fine, but it's not really a map to play over and over.

Remember the fog and Denizens in Green Run/Tranzit?  Well, it's back.  Only worse. …

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Magma-Man Magma-Man 2 May 2020

Quick opinions on all Call of Duty games

Just feel like jotting these down so here ya go.

  • 1 Call of Duty
  • 2 Call of Duty: Finest Hour
  • 3 Call of Duty 2
  • 4 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
  • 5 Call of Duty 3
  • 6 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • 7 Call of Duty: World at War
  • 8 Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts
  • 9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • 10 Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • 11 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • 12 Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • 13 Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • 14 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • 15 Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • 16 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • 17 Call of Duty: WWII
  • 18 Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII
  • 19 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Okay. Can be a little dull, doesn't hold up as well as say, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, perhaps because it takes itself a little too seriously which has caused it to age worse due to other s…

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 19 March 2020

Hiatus and Updates

Hello everyone,

Figured this was overdue thanks to my on-and-off radio silence. Other than quickly chiming in on the Discord, I have not been very active with the community for a number of reasons. I have already briefly explained the first reason on the Discord, which I'll just touch on quickly here. Due to the apocalypse coronavirus pandemic and the closure of my college for the rest of the semester, I have to move back to my parents place. The cleaning and packing was hectic due to the short time frame I had to sort it all out before driving back home 12 hours. As of today, I have almost finished the trip and am staying over at a friend's place before doing the last leg tomorrow. I've also had to be extra careful regarding the outbreak as…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 25 February 2020

My Ranking of Both IW Zombies and Exo Zombies Maps

Hey guys.  Thought that I'd rank the zombie maps from both Infinite Warfare zombies and Exo Zombies.  Note, I'm separating Exo zombies and IW zombies maps from each other.  I'll be ranking from worst to best.  With that said, lets go.

  • 1 Exo Zombies
    • 1.1 Infection
    • 1.2 Carrier
    • 1.3 Descent
    • 1.4 Outbreak
  • 2 Infinite Warfare Zombies
    • 2.1 The Beast from Beyond
    • 2.2 Shaolin Shuffle
    • 2.3 Attack of the Radioactive Thing
    • 2.4 Rave in the Redwoods
    • 2.5 Zombies in Spaceland

Infection to me was just a cluster fuck.  Expensive doors, little room to train, BFZ (Big Fucking Zombie), along with all the usual enemies.  The worst was the civilians you have to escort.  And how slow they took to get to the evac.  Ironically, it's the only Exo zombies map I've completed the EE on.

Carrier was…

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Absner Absner 17 January 2020

Historical Allies And Enemies (Includes Seven Fiends)

Hey everyone, Today I have decided to show the possible historical characters that could be in Rise of the Phantom World. There are also possible Seven Fiend candidates included in this list, so keep that in mind.

  1. Jeanne De Clisson- Noblewoman turned Privateer from Brittany, could be an ally to the players.
  2. William Wallace- Scottish Rebel Leader, that fought for freedom. Could be one of the fiends but could be an ally as well if the players free him from Phantom's control. Would represent Wrath if I make him a fiend.
  3. Wat Tyler- Rebel Leader in some English rebellion over some taxes. Could be an ally towards the players.
  4. Eustace Folville- Assassin who killed a bunch of people. Could both an ally and an enemy to the player.
  5. Nicolaas Zannekin Flem…
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Magma-Man Magma-Man 7 January 2020

Where I've Been

December hasn't been kind to me and so far January hasn't either. I've been a nervous wreck most days and completely drained the others. Life has been kicking me down again and again, and during what is supposed to be the "happiest time of the year" as well as the birthdays of both my mom and my partner. I've been having trouble keeping food down, eating has become difficult. I'm bleeding money left and right and now my car might need to get repaired again. Work has become so stressful I dread it every day. I've become sleep deprived just because I want as much concious time as possible inbetween shifts, where I have to deal with people that stress me out to no end. There are far more personal problems on top of all of that, but I don't wan…

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 12 October 2019

Custom Map Selection 2: Round 2

Hey there, everyone! Round 2 of voting for Series 2 of custom zombies maps in ready to go. Just like the first time, we are going to select the top five maps from each category. That being said, to avoid confusion, each person can vote for a maximum of five different selections at once for their vote. You can only vote once so don't waste your picks! Poll closes at midnight on October 13.

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 10 October 2019

Custom Map Selection 2: Round 1

Welcome back, everyone! This blog post officially commences the first round of voting for Series 2 of NZP community custom zombies maps. If there are those that are unfamiliar with what the categories mean and process for voting is, please see my first blog post. That being said, everything is the same as the last time.

Polls will close at midnight on October 11.

- Zombie Fortress

  • Greedyselfish - Cyborg Reliance
  • Zombiehunter115 - Chernobyl
  • Icestormshadow - Auge des Schattens
  • RoachTheIntelCollector - Project Omega
  • Anakin Nakamura - Excavation Site 64
  • Crystar800 - Lavender

Once again, the maps that weren't selected will be put back into the rotation for the Series 3.

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 27 September 2019

Custom Map Selection: Round 2

Hello again, everyone! It is time for the second round of voting for the selection of user-inspired custom zombies maps for World at War and Black Ops III. With the first round over, every user or collaboration has their representative map for their respective category selected. Now, the real voting can commence; the set-up is straightforward. Once again, the maps will be split into two categories: Legacy and Modern. The users will select their top five maps they want to see made into custom maps first in each category. This will give a total of ten map selections for each user. Once voting has ended, the top five maps in each category will be final selections for the first set of custom maps. Those that aren't selected will be kept for another …

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 26 September 2019

Custom Map Selection: Round 1

Hello everyone! With this blog post, we are going to hold the first round of voting for which user made maps will be selected to be turned into custom maps for World at War and Black Ops III zombies. This first round is between maps made by the same users, meaning that user maps will not be directly voted against each other unless they have been created by the same person. This is to ensure everyone gets the same amount of representation in the final vote. There are two categories: Legacy and Modern.

Legacy maps are older user made maps, typically being created before 2015. Most of these maps were made by individuals that no longer have a presence on the site or are old maps made by current users. These are maps that will only be released to…

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Magma-Man Magma-Man 25 September 2019

Minecraft Server

My proposal is I would pay out of my own pocket to run a server on the bedrock version of Minecraft (This is the current, crossplatform version for Xbox One, Switch, mobile, and Windows 10)

It would be a normal difficulty survival map where anything foes outside of destroying/fucking with other peoples things. I personally would probably start by building Abandoned as my first shelter but no one has to adhere to a zombies theme.

Comment below if you have a compatible version of Minecraft and would be willing to play. Server would be up 24/7 so you could go on anytime.

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Magma-Man Magma-Man 24 September 2019

Call of Wikia III: Apocalypse - The Final Chapters

Surprise! It finally ends over half a decade later than it was supposed to!

  • Call of Wikia: Brony Warfare
    • Multiplayer
  • Call of Wikia II: War for Wikia
  • Call of Wikia III: Apocalypse - Act I
    • Act II
    • Multiplayer

  • 1 Chapter 11 - The Last Assault
  • 2 Chapter 12 - No Going Back
  • 3 Chapter 13 - Enemy of my Enemy
  • 4 Chapter 14 - Final Flight
  • 5 Chapter 15 - lol
  • 6 Credits
    • 6.1 Primary Work
      • 6.1.1 Track List
    • 6.2 Supporters
    • 6.3 RIP
    • 6.4 Special Thanks
    • 6.5 Closing Comments

  • Player 2: Zombiehunter115
  • Location: Call of Duty Wiki


Crazysam is seen shouting over a loudspeaker commanding the largest force Wikia has ever scene. At the gates of the Call of Duty wiki hundreds if not thousands of users from all over Wikia have shown up armed with whatever they could find and often times accompanied by…

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DeadRaiser DeadRaiser 22 September 2019

Back at it Again

Hello there, everyone! For those who don't know me and aren't in the wiki Discord server, I'm DeadRaiser and I'm one of the old members of the wiki during its start. The last time I was a regular editor on this site was sometime back between 2013 and 2014, so it's been quite sometime since I've made any significant contribution or visit. As this is going to be a longer blog post, and my first one since 2013, I'm going to divide it into sections so that you guys can read what you're most interested in.

  • 1 Why the sudden appearance?
    • 1.1 Permanent or temporary?
    • 1.2 Admin again?
  • 2 Plans and ideas
    • 2.1 Article re-works/remakes
    • 2.2 Proposals
    • 2.3 New content
    • 2.4 Custom Zombies
  • 3 Other news and tidbits

The other day, Magma-Man messaged me on Steam about his Zombies Ar…

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 10 August 2019

NZP Wiki News - August 9, 2019

Greetings! This is Greedyselfish here again with the news across the NZP Wiki, COD and COD Zombies and some other information.

  • 1 Modern Warfare 2019
  • 2 Sledgehammer
  • 3 Treyarch (the only ones you care about lol)
  • 4 Wiki News
  • 5 Conclusion

A reboot of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare sub-series will be released on October 25, 2019. Here are the trailers if you're interested:

With the departure of co-founders and WWII co-directors Micheal Condrey and Glen Scholdfield, It's highly doubtful that Sledgehamemr games will make another Call of Duty game. More info can be found in this Kotaku article:

A new Zombies map was launched back in July called "Alpha Omega". It features both…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 3 July 2019

ZH115's Favorite AR's in CoD

Did this on the CoD wiki, but am updating my list now that I have the newer CoD games, as well as updating my old picks.  Starting from W@W to BO4.  I'm including MWR, though.  I'm not doing CoD4 because by the time I was into CoD, that game was dead.

  • 1 STG-44
  • 2 ACR
  • 3 Galil
  • 4 ACR 6.8
  • 5 M27
  • 6 Honey Badger
  • 7 Bal-27
  • 8 KN-44
  • 9 NV4
  • 10 Lynx CQ300
  • 11 STG44
  • 12 Vapr-XKG

Do I have to explain why this is my favorite?  Like it's the only full auto "AR" in the game.

Probably the meta choice, huh?  This is arguably the best AR in all of CoD, let alone MW2.

Ya know, BO had a lot of good ARs.  But the one that takes the cake for me would have to be the Galil.  It may not seem like much, but five extra bullets in a mag was good to me.  It handled like most of the others, but the Gal…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 20 June 2019

My Ranking of the Treyarch Zombie Maps (updated)

Hey guys.  I thought that, now that I have BO4 and have played the maps, I'd rearrange my list of maps.  This time with an explanation as to my ranking.  Again, not counting Dead Ops 1 or 2.  This is in order from least favorite to most.  Lets go.

  • 1 Green Run
  • 2 "Five"
  • 3 Moon
  • 4 Call of the Dead
  • 5 Shangri-La
  • 6 Nuketown Zombies
  • 7 Die Rise
  • 8 Zetsubou No Shima
  • 9 Verruckt
  • 10 Dead of the Night
  • 11 Gorod Krovi
  • 12 Ancient Evil
  • 13 Classified
  • 14 Nacht der Untoten
  • 15 Shi no Numa
  • 16 Ascension
  • 17 Voyage of Despair
  • 18 Revelations
  • 19 Blood of the Dead
  • 20 Buried
  • 21 IX
  • 22 Shadows of Evil
  • 23 Kino der Toten
  • 24 Der Riese
  • 25 The Giant
  • 26 Der Eisendrache
  • 27 Origins
  • 28 Mob of the Dead

Man, I wanted to like this map.  The next chapter of the Aether story post-Earth's destruction.  But it fell flat in so many areas.  Not …

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Anakin Nakamura Anakin Nakamura 25 May 2019

What's Your Favourite Specialized Weapon Variant?/Top 10 Specialized Weapon Variants

Hello there! The focus of this blog will be me currently created Specialized Weapon Variants.

As the title of this blog says, I would like to know your favourite Specialized Weapon Variant and why its your favourite. I also would love to see your top 10 list of SWVs in the comments below.

If you want to see more information of the SWV's Weapon Perks and their Mods, you can take a look at their individual articles. Reason why is because I didn't want the chart to appear cluttered and messy.

Anyways, that's all. I hope to read your comments!

Specialized Weapon Variants
Weapon Perk(s)
Weapon Mod(s)
Weapon Ornament(s)
Mauler Mk. II

Hazard of the Cast
High Caliber Rounds
Ride the Bull
A Bad Run
Hazard of the Forest


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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 6 April 2019

Greedy Ranks His Own Zombies Maps (Worst to Best)

Hello, this is Greedyselfish! As the title suggests, I am going to be ranking the Zombies maps I have made on this wiki from worst to best. I will also be looking back and giving my thoughts and opinions on each one.

Keep in mind, I am only going to be focusing on maps from Soul of The Machine, An Alternate Eclipse, and ones that are not connected to any storylines. I will NOT be including maps I've done for group projects like the original Eclipse Warfare versions of some of the An Alternate Eclipse maps, nor any of the Extinction maps I worked on for Eclipse Warfare II. With that out of the way, let's begin!

  • 1 12) Celestial Abyss (Alternate)
  • 2 11) School of Doom
  • 3 10) Homecoming/Halloween Homecoming
  • 4 9) The Mortal Conflict
  • 5 8) S.O.D. 2036
  • 6 7) Unqu…

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Anakin Nakamura Anakin Nakamura 6 April 2019

NZP Wiki News - April 6th, 2019

Hello there! This is now Anakin Nakamura. Previously, I was called Jenkins S115 SII, but I changed my username since I already referred to myself as Anakin Nakamura. Anyways, here is the first wiki blog of 2019! Hooray!~ So this is my second wiki blog post, and the events leading up to this post, I've been reading some creations that have been worked on.

So just like last time, let's begin with our community first and then we'll move on to more official stuff. Let's jump straight into it.

  • 1 Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki
    • 1.1 Boss Rush
    • 1.2 Roach Chronicles
    • 1.3 An Alternate Eclipse
    • 1.4 Lovecraftian Rise
    • 1.5 Anakin Nakamura
  • 2 Treyarch Zombies
  • 3 WWII Zombies
  • 4 Community Highlight
  • 5 Goodbye Again

Ah yes. The most recent collaboration between all members of the Administratio…

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Anakin Nakamura Anakin Nakamura 25 March 2019

Your Age of Extinction Play Style

Hello there. Anakin Nakamura here. This blog post will be mainly be about Call of Duty: Age of Extinction and its Classes and Abilities. I'm curious, if it were an actual Call of Duty game, which one of the four Classes and four of the thirteen Abilities would you choose as your loadout?

I'll lay out your options. You can leave a comment regarding your loadout and play style.

  • 1 Classes
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Class Abilities
  • 4 My Loadout

In Age of Extinction, there are not four but six Classes! These include four of the original Classes you know from Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode plus two of my own Classes.

Weapon Specialists, Heavy Troopers, Field Engineers and Combat Medics are basically just the four original Classes. Weapon Specialist remains the same, eve…

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RoachTheIntelCollector RoachTheIntelCollector 24 March 2019

Top 10 Maps of the Roach Chronicles

Hey guys, it's Roach! Now that I have finished all of the main storylines of the Roach Chronicles for the time being, I find it suitable to do a top ten list of my personal favorite maps over the years. It was hard to pick ten maps out of eighty plus maps I've written, but after a lot of consideration I was able to select ten of my favorites.

  • 1 10. Purge
  • 2 9. Station Eleven
  • 3 8. The Rebirth
  • 4 7. Divided Reality
  • 5 6. Curseworld
  • 6 5. Countdown
  • 7 4. Biker's Wrath
  • 8 3. Museum of the Dead
  • 9 2. The Ultimate Trial
  • 10 1. The Final Struggle

Starting off this list is Purge, the finale map of "The Disaster" saga. This map was what started to kick things off for the Roach Chronicles, as many key events branch off from this map, as the map involves around Xarcoh and his pl…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 27 January 2019

ZH115's top 10 picks for saddest CoD deaths (updated)

Now that I've played both IW and WWII campaign I thought why not do an updated list. Same as before. Won't be including just campaign. I'll have Treyarch Zombies as well. Most of this will be copy/paste from my other blog because I'm lazy.

  • 1 10. Dimitri Petrenko
  • 2 9. Joseph Turner
  • 3 8. Elias "Scarecrow" Walker
  • 4 7. Nikolai Belinski (Ultimis)
  • 5 6. Sandman, Truck, and Grinch
  • 6 5. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis)
  • 7 4. John "Soap" MacTavish
  • 8 3. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • 9 2. Alex Mason
  • 10 Honorable Mentions
  • 11 1. Edward Richtofen (Primis)
  • 12 Closing

I remember being so pissed at this one.  Black Ops was my first CoD (sorta).  I had started with W@W when Modern Warfare 2 was almost done.  So, I experienced playing as Dimitri and, as Reznov would say, cheati…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 19 January 2019

My (late) review of CoD WWII

Yes I get that I'm reviewing a game a little over a year old.  Lets jump in.  Won't be reviewing DLC as I don't have any (yet).

The WWII campaign throws you right in with the Normandy Landings, D-Day.  You play as Ronald Daniels from Longview, TX.  Unlike most of the previous CoD's, WWII actually got me involved with the characters which caught me off guard. In a good way, mind you. One character death actually made me think, "Oh shit!" instead of, "Meh." You'll see him in an updated list of Saddest character deaths in CoD. There were, however, only a small hand full of missions that stood out to me. The rest felt to be the standard "shoot some guys, move up, dialog, shoot more guys". However, the ones that did stand out to me really …

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 15 December 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 story

This is a not the official story.  It's my interpitation.  I stayed up until 8:00 in the morning writing this, so there's bound to be mistakes.  Lemme know what you think.

In the year 2043, almost two decades after the death of Raul Menendez and the riots that soon followed, two sisters chose to do something about the shitty world they live in.  The older sister, Savannah, chose to do it from a lab and a boardroom. The younger sister, Jessica, wanted to fight like her father and his father before him. While on mission one night, Jessica Mason along with two of her fellow specialists, Donnie “Ruin” Walsh and Erin “Battery” Baker were ambushed.  As Jessica and “Battery” stacked up to breach, “Ruin” climbed the roof and noticed the enemies ins…

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 6 November 2018

My Favorite Maps On NZP Wiki

Hello! This is Greedyselfish! I have been a member of NZP Wiki since 2012 and have seen a lot of great maps and ideas created by members of this very wiki, both past and present. This is a list of some of my most personal favorites.

Don't be discouraged if none of your maps appear on my list. I either haven't seen them yet or didn't think they were as great as the ones listed. I will also be giving credit to all of the writers and users with breif summaries of what I think of each map. I will not be incuding any of my creations as that I will save for a possible later list. And these are NOT ranked worst to best or alphabetically. They are in no particular order.

With that out of the way, let's begin....

  • 1 Zombie Fortress
  • 2 Nazizombiesplus.die
  • 3 I…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 3 November 2018

ZH115's top 10 picks for saddest CoD deaths

Title says all.  I'm not just doing campaign.  I'm also gonna include a few of the characters from Treyach zombies.  Lets go.  Also, I haven't played IW or WWII, so not including those.  Even though both had kinda sad deaths from what I've heard.

  • 1 10. Cormack
  • 2 9. Dimitri Petrenko
  • 3 8. Sarah Hall
  • 4 7. Elias "Scarecrow" Walker
  • 5 6. Nikolai Belinski (Ultimis)
  • 6 5. Sandman, Truck, and Grinch
  • 7 4. Takeo Masaki (Ultimis)
  • 8 3. John "Soap" MacTavish
  • 9 2. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • 10 Honorable Mentions
  • 11 1. Alex Mason
  • 12 Closing

You know, I had a very hard time getting attached to any of the characters in AW's campaign.  So it's hard for me to get feel bad about his death.  That being said, you go through that entire mission trying to get him out an…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 12 September 2018

Custom Specialist for BOIII

So, a while back on the CoD wiki, I made a blog saying how much I hated that the tenth "specialist" was just the Black Market dealer.  I thought it was very lazy.  So I came up with my own around that time as well.  It may be too late/irrelevent now, but I thought I'd share.  So, here is Anton "Deadkiller" Smirnov

Sent back in time to before Coalescence created Virus 61-15, Anton "Deadkiller" Smirnov was the highest repected Deadkiller in all of Russia.  Although, no one believes he was sent back in time, Smirnov is still a valued member of the team.  His mission was to stop Virus 61-15 before it began, but was sent back too far.  Now he does missions here and there with his fellow specialists until it is finally time to stop 61-15 before i…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 7 September 2018

Ranking the Treyarch Zombie Maps

From least favorite to number one.  I don't think I'm gonna list my reasoning for my placement.  Just gonna make my placements and let you guys post what you think as well.  I'm not including Dead Ops 1 and 2.

22. Green Run/Tranzit

21. Call of the Dead

20. "Five"

19. Moon

18. Shangri-La

17. Die Rise

16. Nuketown Zombies

15. Zetsubou No Shima

14. Verruckt

13. Gorod Krovi

12. Shi no Numa

11. Ascension

10. Nacht der Untoten

9. Shadows of Evil

8. Revelations

7. Der Riese

6. The Giant

5. Buried

4. Kino der Toten

3. Der Eisendrache

2. Origins

1. Mob of the Dead

Yup.  What's your rank?

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Anakin Nakamura Anakin Nakamura 6 September 2018

NZP Wiki News - September 6th, 2018

Hello there, this is Jenkins S115 SII, or rather Anakin Nakamura. This is my first ever blog post on this wiki and I do apologize if there is anything here that may seem out of place. So, this post will be revolved mainly around the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki, and some other subjects with the Call of Duty franchise.

Let's begin with our community first, shall we?

  • 1 Nazi Zombie Plus Wiki
    • 1.1 Magma-Man: The Founder
    • 1.2 Roach Chronicles
    • 1.3 Ember's Flare
    • 1.4 Ortus Immortui
    • 1.5 Soul of the Machine: The Movie
    • 1.6 Eclipse Warfare Zombies
  • 2 Treyarch Zombies
  • 3 WWII Zombies
  • 4 Community Highlight
  • 5 Goodbye For Now!

If you are part of our Discord server then you would know this already, but for those who are not then here's some big news. I wanted this to be first because it is…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 6 September 2018

ZH115's favorite melee's in BOIII

So normally I go through each game and pick out one favorite from the category but I've only played one game that has a variaty of melee weapons, and that's BOIII.  So here's my top ten and the reasoning behind them.

  • 1 10: Fists
  • 2 9: Skull Splitter
  • 3 8: Prizefighters
  • 4 7: Bushwhacker
  • 5 6: Wrench
  • 6 5: Butterfly Knife
  • 7 4: Malice
  • 8 3: Slash n' Burn
  • 9 2: Path of Sorrows
  • 10 Honorable Mentions
  • 11 1: MVP

Yeah, I know.  It's the basic melee weapon when you have nothing.  But I think it was the humor of it that made it so it could be on the list.  I thought the idea of just a guy running around with nothing but bare knuckls while everyone else has guns is funny.

Being the first melee unlock I got, this one has sentemental value to me.  That's about it though.

"Ding ding!"…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 7 July 2018

ZH115's favorite pistols in CoD

So, I did this on the CoD wiki, but I thought I'd share it over here too.  With the ones over there I go from W@W to BOIII since those are really the only CoD's I've played a multiplayer match in.  So, lets go.  I'm including machine pistols too for games like MW2 and MW3.

  • 1 .357 Magnum
  • 2 Desert Eagle
  • 3 CZ75
  • 4 G18
  • 5 B23R
  • 6 .44 Magnum
  • 7 M1 Irons
  • 8 RK5

It was honestly the only decent pistol in the game, so yeah.  Not much else to say about this one.

This was a hard one.  I liked the .44 Magnum, but in the end, I had to go with this beauty.

With full auto on this thing, you were a god.

This bad boy made you a god killer.

I was that guy who ran tac knife with this and this pistol (along with the KAP 40) could act as your primary.  You wouldn't need a primary becau…

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 2 June 2018

NZP Wiki News - June 1, 2018

Hello, this is Greedyselfish back again with the seldomly done news! Bringing each and everyone up to date with the latest things and happenings among the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki! (plus some stuff relating to some franchise named Call of Duty or whatever it's name is...)

  • 1 Treyarch Zombies
  • 2 WWII Zombies
  • 3 IW Zombies
  • 4 Other CoD Things
  • 5 Community News

  • Three new maps have been announced for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Mode. They are "Voyage of Despair", "IX", and the long awaited "Mob of the Dead" remake, "Blood of the Dead".
  • There is also the new "Blackout" mode. It will be CoD's answer to the Battle Royale trend made popular by Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It may also have something Zombies related in it, too.

  • Umm...t…

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 19 January 2018

NZP Wiki News - January 19, 2018

Hello, this is Greedyselfish here to report on the stuff that is hippin' and hoppin' on the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki! I know Zombiehunter115 usually does this, but I figured I would take a turn doing this thing. Hopefully, you don't mind.

And now the news...

  • 1 WWII Zombies
  • 2 Infinte Warfare Zombies
  • 3 Treyarch Zombies
  • 4 Community News (and quite a lot actually)

  • The Darkest Shore, the third map in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Saga, will be released on January 30th, 2018 on PS4 as part of The Resistance DLC  map pack.


  • Nothing yet, but 2018 will be Treyarch's turn to make the next CoD game.

  • Anakin Nakamura (aka Jenkins S115 SII), RoachTheIntelCollector , Zombiehunter115 , and G…

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PotatoGod1337 PotatoGod1337 26 December 2017

Custom Perks!

Hello everyne! I am Todd, or Potato if you will. I am here to say that i will be doing custom perk logos for people who either aren't good at drawing or is too lazy to draw. If you want me to mkae you something, please comment what the perk is, colors, and actual icon. Thats all for now. kthxbai!

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 28 September 2017

NZP Wiki News September 27, 2017

Ok.  So nothing you guys don't already know, I'm mostly doing this for community news, as there is quite a bit.

  • 1 Treyarch Zombie News
  • 2 Extinction News
  • 3 Exo Zombie News
  • 4 Infinity Ward Zombie News
  • 5 WWII Zombie News
  • 6 Community News
  • 7 Other News

  • Nope.

  • Nada.

  • Zip.

  • Nothing that you guys didn't read about last time.

  • Not yet.

  • A few updates on Undead Warfare.
  • New wonder weapon by Roach called the Yin Blade.
  • Some lore on how zombies ended up in the map Day of the Departed by Roach as well as tying it in to his other stories.
  • A new game to rival Undead Warfare called Call of Duty: Infected: Gravemind Edition by Jenkins
  • Greedy literally five minutes before making this blog, made one of his own on his plans for upcoming projects.  See his blog linked below.


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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 28 September 2017

Plans & Possibilities For The Future...

So I've kinda been on and off with a lot of things so I'm gonna go ahead and list out some possible things you might see in the very, very near future. Hopefully, if I still have the time and energy to do so that is.

  • 1 1) Soul of the Machine
  • 2 2) Custom Fanon/Non-Canon/Non-Existant Zombies Related Game
  • 3 3) Possible Campaign for "Soul of the Machine"
  • 4 4) Stand Alone Maps Not Fitting Into Any Major Storylines and such...

Once I finally get around to making the major easter egg for Guilin Peaks, I'm gonna put it on a very temporary hiatus. I still wanna go through the storyline but I kinda wanna do the things down at the bottom first before I continue on.

I've been inspired by Roach & ZH's Call of Duty: Undead Warfare and Jenkins' Call of Duty: Infec…

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 5 September 2017

NZP Wiki News September 9th, 2017

For once Treyarch zombies has no news.

  • 1 Treyarch Zombies News
  • 2 Extinction News
  • 3 Exo Zombies News
  • 4 IW Zombies News
  • 5 WWII Zombies News
  • 6 Community News
  • 7 Poll

  • No news for some reason.

  • Cryptids will be returning in the zombie mode for IW zombies.

  • No news.

  • As stated above, we will see the Cryptids make a return in the final map, The Beast from Beyond.

  • A very familiar sounding plot involving a German scientist bringing back dead Nazi soldiers going horribly wrong. This should be the plot for WWII zombies.

  • ZH115 has made some new characters to add to a future project.
  • Greedy made Easter Egg steps for his most recent project.
  • A new look for the wiki.  Let me know what you think.  I'm still trying to figure out my abilities as admin.  If this is a welcomed new loo…

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 9 June 2017

5 Year Anniversary Special

On June 8, 2012, a more stupid, immature version of me joined the Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki by accidently editing someone elses content without knowing not to. On June 8, 2017, while many have come and come, I along with a few great users remain. No matter how many people edit or create pages on this wiki, I am still glad to be able to create my own ideas for one of my favorite game modes for a first person shooter video game franchise. Thank you all for respecting my crazy ideas. I hope to bring out more to come.

Oh, and here's something I made for DeviantArt a few weeks ago.

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 1 June 2017

Treyarch Fan Mail

Hey, so I was hoping to send out fan mail to Treyarch, but I wanna see if you guys think I should or not.  I only ask because in the letter, I would be giving them a link to our very own NZP wiki.  I don't know how you guys feel about that.  Like if you made something on here and they take the idea of it and give no credit.  I honestly would not mind, but I still wanna hear your thoughts.

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 29 May 2017

Sorry about that last blog.

If you can recall, I was having trouble with wikia and my browser losing all my progress with a page I was making. I got a slightly abriged version on the way. Sorry for any inconvience guys.

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Greedyselfish Greedyselfish 28 May 2017


I spent two nights typing on and off creating a new map for my storyline and then all of a sudden my browser froze up and crashed! When I booted it back up, it didn't save a damned thing! It was very long, thought out page and now it's completely gone and I have to start from scratch all over again! Is there a way to restore all the work I put on it or is it gone for good. If it's gone for good then I'm probably going to go on another hiatus or man up and make a completly different map from scrap.

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Zombiehunter115 Zombiehunter115 26 May 2017

Turning our chat into a Discord

Now that we have admin's I think that we should do this as a way to improve activity.  I've made a server for the NZP wiki on Discord already.  I'll put a link down below if that's something you'd like to see.  What do you guys think?  I won't finalize anything until I have your approval.

UPDATE: I've figured out how to do this.  I first need to contact FANDOM and get JavaScript running on our wiki.  Once enabled, I can continue from there.

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