Attach-A-Match (sometimes called Attach-a-Matic) is a non-canonical Perk found the custom Nazi Zombies levels titled "Moon", "Zakhaev International Airport", "Havana", "S.O.G. Compound", "Crash Site", "Soviet Intelligence Station", "WMD", "Crisis", "Uprise", "Invaded", "Pentagon", "Overrun", "Area 51", "Kowloon", "Radiation", "Forgotten", "Wasteland", "Redemption", "Apocalypse", "Solution", "Rebirth", "Old Columbus", "USS Constellation", "Amazon", and "Descension". Attach-A-Match, when purchased, allows the player to add an attachment to the gun they are currently holding. Below is a list of attachments that can be added to weapons. Each attachment costs a different amount, therefore, the cost of the Perk varries. Note that certain attachments will not adapt to certain types of weapons.

Available Attachments:

  • Dual Wield (400 points *pistols and submachine guns only*)
  • Rapid Fire (450 points *submachine guns only*)
  • Red Dot Sight (500 points)
  • Reflex Sight (500 points)
  • ACOG Sight (600 points)
  • Infrared Scope (600 points)
  • Low Power Scope (600 points)
  • Dual Magazines (1500 points)
  • Extended Magazines (1500 points)
  • Flamethrower (2000 points)
  • Grenade Launcher (3000 points)