Adrienne Smith
Vital statistics
Age 29
Gender Female
Creator Treyarch
Creation Date 2009
First Appearance Pentagon (non-playable)
Status Deceased

Adrienne Smith is a character in the custom Nazi Zombies maps "Pentagon" and "Overrun", and an unseen canonical character in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Doctor Adrienne Smith is a Central Intelligence Agency designer, despite her title. The CIA coined her as "tall, skinny, white-caucasion" in her dossier. In the section of her dossier titled 'Personality' it states that she is "a great designer" and "proffesional with her work". In the section titled 'Purpose' it states that she was recruited to create weapons, and that she "co-created the ***** ****** with *****". The starred words are bolded and unreadable. However, it has been revealed that the first section of starred words is Sound Pistol. In a private e-mail from Special Agent Terrance Brooks, Brooks mentions that he is having an affair with Smith.


After the full-scale attack on the United States by the Soviets, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, Joseph Bowman, and Jason Hudson eventually reached the Pentagon with only minor bruises and scratches. When they arrived, they discovered the horrible truth: the Pentagon itself had succumbed to Element 115. Zombies now populated the building. The four agents equiped their M1911s, and began clearing out the Pentagon in search of President John F. Kennedy, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and runner-up Richard Nixon. While fighting through the inner core of the Pentagon, Hudson discovered Doctor Smith in a closet. At that same moment, Bowman was crowded into a small corner and mauled by zombies. Mason and the others never found Kennedy, McNamara, or Nixon, and assumed they had been either murdered by Soviet soldiers or eaten by zombies.


During the battle at the Pentagon, Hudson breaks open an armory, which contained Flare Guns. Using these Flare Guns, they summond a Huey. The Huey lands on the roof and the four survivors board it. The Huey flys them to a Military base in Nevada. Upon arrival and landing, four zombies charge the helicopter. Mason and Hudson pull out their M1911s and fire on the zombies, killing them. Smith, Mason, Woods, and Bowman jump out of the Huey and sprint towards a tent. Hudson looks back, and sees the copter had already been swarmed by dozens of zombies. In the tent, there were four rips, and zombies immediately start trying to climb through them. The four are sucked into the fight.