“Several soldiers stranded in the snow found this abandoned make-shift base and took refuge in it. It is not known what became of them. What is known, is that the zombies are coming, and this may be your only chance for survival!”
―Level Description
The musical easter egg.
Vital statistics
Prev Level None
Next Level Lockdown
Created By Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/15/11
Characters Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, Magma-Man, and Douglas.
Enemies Zombies
Location Unknown
Date November 8th
Abandoned is the first zombie map created by Magma-Man. It is an incredibly simple map with only one very small room, five barricades, and a whole in the ceiling for zombies to get through. All weapons are obtained through the Mystery Box. It is not part of the Lies storyline.


This map has no set characters, as it is not a part of any storyline. However, after doing certain tasks you can unlock bonus characters to select through the character select screen.

  • Tank Dempsey - Get more then one-hundred kills in one Abandoned match.
  • Nikolai Belinski - Get Carpenter 6 times in one Abandoned match.
  • Takeo Masaki - Kill 50 zombies that have not yet entered the base in one Abandoned match.
  • Edward Richtofen - Get to round 13 in Abandoned.
  • Magma-Man - Get 35 M2 Flamethrower kills in one Abandoned match.
  • Douglas - Get 500 kills while playing as Magma-Man in Abandoned. Does not have to be in one match, for example, 230 kills in one match and 270 kills in another will unlock this character.


Abandoned only features the standard zombie.


You spawn with an Colt M1911 with 35 extra rounds. All weapons are obtained through the Mystery Box, which is 650 points instead of the normal 950.


  • Max Ammo (An Ammunition Box) - Gives all players full ammo for all guns. This will not refill the player's current magazine. It is a good idea for every player to reload before retrieving this pickup, to get the most ammo from it, particularly with LMGs.
  • Nuke (A nuclear bomb) Kills all of the zombies in a vicinity. (Also gives 400 points to each player) Note that there is a delay between getting the Nuke, and the zombies dying.
  • Insta-Kill (A skull) - Makes all of the zombies a one hit kill with any weapon. The player will receive 110 points per kill (100 and 10, separately). Knife kills obtain 130 points.
  • Double Points (A "2X") - Doubles all points given to all players when damaging/killing a zombie or rebuilding a barrier. This will not double points given by Carpenter or the Nuke (excluding Black Ops maps)
  • Carpenter (A hammer) - Rebuilds all barricades in the map. (Also gives 200 points to each player, if any barricades were fixed)


The map does not feature Perk-a-Cola.


This is the simplest zombie map yet. Only one central, small room with six ways for zombies to get in, and the Mystery Box in the corner which costs 650 points to use.

The Map



This map does not have any achievements to unlock.

Easter Eggs

The only easter in the map is the musical easter egg, 8th of November. It is activated, by picking up a piece of the wall on the floor and placing it back in it's correct place.